Mullingar Pewter Medieval Irish Designed Chess Set With Board

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If playing chess is one of your favorite pastimes, or you enjoy your Irish history, or maybe both, then this Irish pewter chess set is the perfect addition to your collection. This Mullingar pewter medieval designed chess set is crafted out of the finest pewter, with figurines that are incredibly durable while still maintaining their elegance. One half of the set is darkened and polished to give it a more polished finish, while the other half of the set is darkened and brushed to leave a more dull finish, highlighting the beautiful detail and contrast between the two sets. The King of this Irish pewter chess set stands at 3.75 high, and the pieces graduate to the Pawn which is 2.25 high. The wooden black and ivory colored board complements the intricacy of the set and gives the entire game a classic, finished look. Keeping a beautiful chess set on your coffee table makes for an excellent living room centerpiece that invites conversation. Not to mention, it gives you and your guests an ongoing, playful challenge that you could take up at any time. Hone in your chess skills with this beautiful board that sits out and reminds you to give yourself time to practice. Spruce up your living room, up your chess game, and order your Irish pewter chess set today!

  • Mullingar Pewter
  • Dimensions Of Board:36Cm X 36Cm
  • Material Of Board: Wooden
  • Material Of Figurines: Pewter