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Celtic brooches have been a symbol of Irish heritage and culture for centuries, dating as far back as the Middle Ages. These brooches were originally used to fasten clothing, but over time they have become cherished heirlooms and statement pieces of jewelry.  

Our collection of Celtic brooches and pins have been crafted into modern interpretations of traditional symbolism. Showcasing the rich history behind these timeless pieces of jewelry. Key pieces in our collection are directly inspired by historic Celtic pins dating back to 700 AD. Which are currently on display in the National Museum of Ireland. Making our collection of brooches and pins extra special. 

Add a pop of color to your outfit with our colorful bird design brooches or embrace your Celtic roots with our Tara brooch-inspired pin.  

This special history and rich heritage of our Celtic brooches make these pieces of jewelry the perfect Irish gift for someone special in your life. Browse our full collection of pins and brooches today!