Women's Aran Coats

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Experience the warmth and beauty of Irish craftsmanship with our collection of Aran knit coats. Created with traditional Irish knitting patterns, that have been used in Ireland since the early 1900’s. Not only will an Aran sweater coat elevate your style it will also keep you cozy this winter.

We stock a range of styles in natural colors and rich tones. Choose from our Celtic inspired Trinity knot double zip coats or for a more timeless look try out our cozy collared button down Aran Coat.

Each coat has been delicately crafted with intricate cable knit patterns, with Irelands rich heritage considered in each piece. Our Irish sweater coats are not just a fashion statement they have been crafted with 100% merino wool to create durable, soft, and lightweight pieces.

We also stock a range of local designers including Aran Woollen Mills, Aran Crafts and Irelands Eye to give you a choice of quality products. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of Aran craftsmanship that will truly stand the test of time.

Shop our collection of Aran knitwear today and experience the warmth of an authentic Aran crafts sweater coat!