Women's Aran Sweaters

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Introducing an entire line of traditional Irish aran sweaters just for women. If you’re looking to add an Aran Sweater to your collection, you’ve come to the right place. Designed with authentic Irish traditional designs, these sweaters are colourful, stylish, and warm. 

When it comes to style, we have a wide variety of authentic Irish sweaters that still ring modern and trendy. Choose from our vast selection of different necklines and stitching. We offer high necks, turtle necks, cowl necks and more. We also have selections of tunic styles, chunky cable knit styles, and even zipped coat styles.

Aran sweaters are a staple piece of clothing that go hand in hand with Irish tradition. The name “Aran Knitwear” was taken from the Aran Islands off the Ireland coast, where the style originated back as early as the 1890’s. Our aran knitwear is made with tradition’s inspiration, and today’s influence. We never sacrifice quality for style, and we never sacrifice style for comfort. It’s the perfect marriage of function and fashion.

Enjoy your favorite styles from our aran sweater collection for women! Order now.