Why Join Us?


When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life

Starting as a passion project, our Irish start-up had modest beginnings as a family business. Values such as sharing knowledge, collaboration and looking out for each other were the building blocks of our success.

A Career Path

Now, 40 years later the same junior staff members back then, are now our current senior leadership team. To say there is an opportunity to grow with the company is an understatement. Our people built Carrolls from the ground up.

Creativity and Collaboration

Our Irish craft and gift stores are more than just that. We are an ideas factory. We encourage creativity at every level, respecting and supporting new ways of making our service better. Innovation is at the heart of what we do and it has allowed us to become the market leader in our industry.

Shared Success

If you want to belong to a flourishing team and live a life you love, then consider joining the gang. Our closely-knit team appreciates fresh thinkers and ambitious personalities. Everyone matters here and has the chance to make meaningful changes while reaching personal career goals.

A Cutting Edge, Vibrant Place

We are a motley crew of diverse thinkers who work in a fun and energetic environment. Our spirit of the team is encapsulated in our warm Irish welcome. Join the Carrolls family and share in our genuine passion.
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