Butlers Hot Chocolate Drink Cups

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Whether it’s in eating or drinking form, everybody loves chocolate. And what better chocolate to enjoy than Butlers Chocolates? Who would ever want to pass up one of Ireland's most popular brands of gourmet chocolate? 

Why You Need It:

There’s truly nothing like warming up with a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly day. These Butlers Hot Chocolate drink packs are the perfect way to get cozy and toasty in your favorite chair at home. Nobody does hot chocolate like Butlers. With nectarous texture and a rich, indulgent taste, you’ll never feel so luxurious as you do sipping on this Irish cocoa. 


When To Drink It:

Anytime really. There’s no time like the present! Of course, there’s always the entirety of the holiday season to enjoy your cocoa. Make drinking it a unique memory by creating a hot chocolate bar for friends and family to enjoy! Complete it with different jars of mix-ins and toppings all at your cocoa station. This could include peppermint sticks, toffee crunch, mini marshmallows, or whatever else you decide to throw in! And as the holidays come to a close, if you don’t drink, toast in the New Year with a Butler's hot cocoa in hand!

How Does Butler’s Do It?

Everybody knows that Butler’s chocolate has a quality that simply cannot be beaten. And now with these hot chocolate cups, it couldn’t be easier to make from the comfort of your own home! Simply add one chocolate cup to a pan of full cream milk and bring it to a boil. If you’d like, add some marshmallows, whipped cream, or cookies to complete your perfect treat experience.

What To Do With It:

Well for starters, you could keep it all for yourself. No one would blame you. But, if you’re looking to share the love, make it a gift. You can send it to your family member or a friend! You know they would love it just as much as you do, so why not give a gift to a fellow chocolate enthusiast? But if you do choose to keep it for yourself, you should pick a special treat to go with it. We recommend one of our classic Irish sweets.


It’s the classic drink we’ve all grown up on, with a rich and indulgent twist. Don’t wait another minute to get your sweet fix. Get feeling warm and fuzzy! Order your Butler's hot chocolate today!

  • 10 Servings per pack
  • Butler's Chocolate
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Contains milk and soya. May contain traces of nuts and gluten.
  • Recipe Variations Included