Trinity Knot Jewelry

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Looking for a personal, sentimental gift rich with Irish culture and heritage? You’re in the right place. This collection of Celtic Trinity Knot
Jewelry has styles for everyone. From bracelets, to earrings, necklaces, rings, and pendants, this jewelry collection will have your desire for a trinity knot covered.

What’s the story behind the Celtic Trinity Knot? Interestingly, the trinity knot has a rich cultural history, and often has two main meanings. Initially, the trinity knot represented the holy trinity in Christian faith, and that circle at the center of a trinity knot is said to represent eternal life. But what about Ireland? Well, in Irish culture the trinity knot is representative of a woman’s three life cycles with regards to the same phases of the moon. It honors the mother, the maiden and crone of a neo-pagan goddess. 

No matter which meaning the trinity knot has for you, this collection was designed for lasting durability and timeless elegance to fit your own individual style. Gift a piece of history today, with our Celtic Trinity Knot