Watervale High-Quality Pottery Irish Tea Bag Holder Grey Colour

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If you want something nice and Irish for your home why not grab this tea bag holder!

Featuring the Celtic Spiral – a quintessentially Irish symbol – this will be a perfect conversation starter. And because it's made by Watervale you can't doubt the quality.

Watervale pottery is inspired by the Celtic heritage of Ireland and the designs and shapes draw on the ancient Celtic folklore and myths of Ireland.

The pottery sills evident in this piece have been handed down through the generations with the slight variations in the glaze making each piece unique and very special.

So don't delay and order one of these tea bag holders today!

  • Watervale Pottery
  • Dimensions: 12 X 9 Cm
  • Celtic Spiral Design
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
  • Designed In Ireland