Trinity Knot and Shamrock Celtic Charm Multi Bead Bracelet

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This bracelet is designed with a shamrock & trinity knot charm the bracelet is made of green heart beads and green circular beads.

The shamrock is a three leaved symbol inspired by the plant that is so common and rich in Ireland. This Celtic staple is an image of luck health and hope. It inspires prosperity of the body and mind and well wishes for the wearer.

A Trinity Knot is a traditional Celtic figure with deep symbolism. It is crafted from a singular unbroken line that intertwines to form three points. Each point is meant to suggest its own separate but related idea. These are most often interpreted as The Holy Trinity of The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit. They may also suggest to the wearer past present and future or the three earthly elements of earth sea and sky.

  • Bead Bracelet
  • Trinity Knot & Shamrock Charm
  • 18cm Length Bracelet
  • A Gift From Ireland