Mullingar Pewter Wine Stopper And Drip Ring With Dublin/ Ireland Design

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All wines need to breath but left overnight the wine will over-oxidise and your beloved merlot will be reduced to a disgusting vinegar. These stoppers are made with pewter which will totally protect the bottle without affecting the taste. The history of Irish Pewter can be traced back to more than 800 years ago. Today this ancient craft is still being performed in Mullingar by a team of Irish men and women that are highly trained in the skills of delicate hand finishing, meticulous assembly and old casting methods. Mullingar Pewter products have a distinctive medieval appearance and the owner will feel they are ancient, mythical and a precious gift from the past. Dublin is Ireland's capital city and they have expertly incorporated it into their collection of wine bottle stoppers. Mullingar Pewter is easy to store, clean and is so expertly crafted they can be used as display pieces.

  • Mullingar Pewter
  • Shamrock Design
  • Dublin Ireland Text
  • Comes With A Drip Ring
  • Height: 11cm