Hallmarked Sterling Silver Claddagh Birthstone Ring April

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This ring is made of hallmarked sterling silver and is designed in a claddagh design with a cublic zirconia stone. This lovely ring is crafted of hallmarked sterling silver in the traditional Celtic Claddagh design. The heart is set with a sparkling clear birthstone for April: Cubic Zirconia. Similar birthstones bedeck the band creating an exquisite balance. The diamond has long been considered the preferred birthstone of April. Diamonds have a long history in human traditions. Originally they were thought to be created by lightning or the tears of the god. Now they are considered to help the wearer find stronger relationships and better inner strength. What better pairing than the diamond with the claddagh ring! This ancient Celtic symbol represents the necessary love loyalty and friendship which is necessary for any relationship. Together this ring will surely bring the clarity necessary for any life.

  • Hallmarked Sterling Silver
  • Weight: 2.5 grams
  • Claddagh Design
  • Cubic Zirconia Stone
  • April Birthstone