Guinness 500ml Can Glasses 2 Pack With Embossed Harp Logo Design

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You know all about Guinness and what makes them so iconic. Want to expand your Guinness collection? Look no further. These glasses have all the Guinness designs you’re searching for, starting with unique Guinness Harp Glasses.

These glasses are specifically designed to hold a 500ml can of Guinness, and are exactly what you need to create the most beautiful Guinness at home. Complete with the iconic gold logo and embossed harp design, they’re a wonderful addition to any home bar or kitchen.

To pour the perfect Guinness at home, it’s recommended to chill the can for at least three hours beforehand. Once it’s reached the right temperature, simply open the can and pour your drink into your new Guinness harp glass at a 45° angle and enjoy!

Carrolls Irish Gifts offers classic and custom designed glasses that suit every drinking occasion. Get your Guinness harp glass today!

  • 500ml Guinness Glass (x2)
  • Can Sized Glasses
  • Embossed Harp Design