Celtic Collection Vanilla Scented Candle In A Glass Container

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Looking to get the perfect Irish gift or souvenir? Why not grab one of these candles!

Vanilla is the scent of special occasions and better times.
It conjures memories of an ice-cream shared on the shore as a child on one of our better summer days. It’s a slice of your Granny’s inimitable sponge cake she slides across the table to you with a wink or a sip or three of cream liqueur at a family gathering.

We’re lucky the country hedgerows abound with scents like Honeysuckle Gorse blossom and Wild Rose - Celtic Collection’s Vanilla is inspired by these sweet and enticing aromas.

So don't delay and grab one now.

  • Net Weight: 345G
  • Height: 13Cm
  • Burns For Approximately 60 Hours
  • Glass Container With Wooden Cap & Trinity Knot Detail
  • Single Wick Soy Candle