Hallmarked Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring With Cubic Zirconia Stone Presented In Box

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This Gorgeous Claddagh Ring is the perfect reminder of Ireland. There is perhaps no greater symbol of Romantic Ireland and enduring love than a Claddagh Ring. Crafted in Ireland it echoes a tale of devotion retold over the centuries. It Represents Three symbols Heart (for Love) Crown (Loyalty) and Hands (Friendship). Traditionally worn as a ring the tradition of how to wear this ring is very distinctive. If the owner of the ring wears it with the crown pointing towards the finger nail he or she is said to be in love or married. To wear the ring with heart pointing to the finger nail he or she is said to be unattached to anyone.

  • Elegant Claddagh Ring
  • Presented in a Gift box
  • A Perfect Gift
  • Ring Dimensions:
  • Height: 0.9 cm
    -Weight: 2.8 cm