Ceramic Thimble With Irish Flag Design

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Thimbles have the practical use of preventing hurting yourself while sowing. They have also been given for centuries as keepsakes to people as a token of love or as good luck. This porcelain thimble has been designed with a our tricolour. The Irish tricolour is Ireland's national flag and the colours are hugely symbolic to our culture. According to the Irish Government the green harks back to the Gaelic culture. The Orange is associated with the followers of Sir William of Orange and the white is for the aspiration of peace between them. These colours are present in Irish art jewellery architecture and of course on the flags flying above all official buildings.

This thimble is a classic token of affection and would make an excellent addition to your home.

  • Ceramic Thimble
  • Comes in Small Display Box
  • One Thimble Per Pack
  • High Quality Irish Product